Sewam American Indian Dance

Photo of a dancer for Sewam American Indian Dance

At the Bruns Amphitheater at CalShakes on Saturday
Sewam American Indian Dance shares the art, culture, and beauty of American Indian people through performance and education presentations, enriching participants’ understanding of American Indian cultural traditions and celebrating the diversity of our varied communities.

This piece shares cultural histories, dances, and songs that are appropriate to share in spaces such as powwow and other community gatherings. In this specialized program, audiences experience rich oral narratives, come to understand the meanings of dances, cultural history, lifestyle, and arts, and participate in building awareness and connections across diverse communities.

It is important for audiences to know that this program and sharing is not intended to speak for all Native American/American Indian peoples and cultures. Sewam American Indian Dance shares in good protocol, with the intention of creating a first step in building awareness and connections to the rich, beautiful, and diverse lifeways of Indigenous peoples around the world. Sewam Dance is dedicated to sharing the highest quality meaningful, and culturally rich American Indian presentations to audiences everywhere.

What’s Happening at the Bruns?
Cal Shakes has opened the Bruns Amphitheater to arts and cultural institutions from around the Bay Area as part of the Shared Light Initiative. From May to October, enjoy concerts, dance performances, opera, and more.

Saturday, Sep 30th at 3 PM
You can purchase tickets on the CalShakes website.
Follow this link for all the details so you can plan your visit.

Bruns Memorial Amphitheater is located at
100 California Shakespeare Way in Orinda (just on the other side of the tunnel)

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