Somerdale Tintern Cheddar

Photo of Somerdale Tintern Cheddar with green wax wrapper on a wooden cutting board. Somerdale Tintern Cheddar is creamy Welsh cheese with chives and shallots that fills your mouth with flavor. It delivers the tang of sour cream with a bite of sweet shallots and grassy chives. This fantastic creation is wrapped in green wax to keep it fresh—if it lasts that long!

Tintern has a texture that readily yields to a knife and makes it a favorite for both cooking and snacking. It is a wonderful addition to a cheese plate and livens up a simple omelet, quiche, baked potato, or soufflé. It also makes an insane grilled cheese sandwich! Or simply enjoy it with crackers and a good red wine or ale.

Somerdale Tintern Cheddar deli wheels are sealed in distinctive dark green wax which helps to lock in the distinctive taste. Tintern is named for the Tintern Abbey, and it is said that the “White Monks of Tintern” who built the abbey in 1131 farmed shallots on the abbey grounds.

About Somerdale
Somerdale exports great-tasting British and Irish cheese to major retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and food service providers across the globe. They are the leading exporter of British cheese to the USA.

We also carry their Red Dragon Cheddar with whole grain mustard and ale.

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