Sonoma Brinery Pickles

Sonoma Brinery PicklesPickle Perfection!
Tasting is believing…crispy, crunchy & perfectly balanced in flavor, Sonoma Brinery Pickles are the best fresh gourmet pickles around.

Sonoma Brinery is a family-run business located in Healdsburg that creates pickles reminiscent of the ones you could grab out of a barrel in a New York deli.

Bread & Butter
These crispy pickles “chips” are filled with southwestern flavors & a little bit of chili heat. Tuck them into a hamburger, panini, or falafel pita to give them a tasty new level of flavor. Outrageously good & addictive.

Wild West Dills
Reminiscent of West Coast style deli pickles, these pickles are designed to be in your next sandwich. They combine a bright tartness with fresh dill & lively spices to make it perfect inside a sandwich, in your potato salad or hamburger.

Spicy Bread & Butter
Looking for a little more spice in your life? Then toss these little devils on your next BBQ’d pork sandwich. Fire-roasted red bell pepper & fiery Thai chilies give these pickles a sizzling kick.

All Sonoma Brinery Pickles are GMO-free & gluten-free.

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