St. Benoît Yogurt

St. Benoît YogurtOrganic Jersey cow yogurt with a seasonal quality.
At St. Benoît Creamery they have established a way of doing things that returns to a tradition of place—where products are made in small batches right on the land. And you can taste the season and terroir right out of the jar!

The cows’ milk naturally varies according to the season. For example, at some points of the year it contains more carotene and therefore the cream layer is a buttery yellow color. At other times of the year, the cream is whiter.

St. Benoît makes their yogurt on a farm that is a model of sustainable agriculture in Two Rock, Sonoma County, California. They are committed to preserving the environment.

If you have not tried it, you are in for a real treat!
St. Benoît yogurt comes in two sizes, a 23-ounce jar, and a single-serving 4.75-ounce jar that is perfect for packing. Try their Original, Meyer Lemon, French Vanilla, and Strawberry flavors. All of their fruit spreads are made from whole, locally-grown organic fruit.



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