Starter Bakery Quiche Lorraine

Photo of a Starter Bakery Quiche Lorraine with a slice being taken out

We love Starter Bakery Quiche Lorraine. This traditional quiche is an easy meal, gorgeously presented, and ready to eat or heat and serve. Bacon, Swiss cheese, and roasted onions in a silky, creamy custard base baked in an all-butter crust make for a slice of heaven on earth.


Please note, these quiches are wildly popular. They fly off the shelves almost as quickly as we get them. And, if you get here in time, you will not be disappointed!

You can find fresh Starter Bakery Quiche Lorraine in our dessert case.

About Starter Bakery
Starter Bakery was founded in 2010 by renowned pastry chef Brian Wood and has been baking hand-made pastries on a round-the-clock schedule every day to ensure the freshest daily products. Everything is made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients and sourcing locally whenever possible. They don’t rush things, respecting each item and taking the time and care needed to produce the most delicious pastries and breads.

Brian has literally written the book about baking and pastry, Baking and Pastry: A Professional Approach, developed for the San Francisco Baking Institute, where he also taught and developed the pastry program.

Started Bakery began as a wholesale company and in 2023 opened its first retail cafe in Rockridge. Their wholesale business has grown to include coffee shops, specialty retail grocers like Piedmont Grocery, catering, restaurants, and more in the greater Bay Area.

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