Undefeated SF 49ers

Image of a football and the 49ers logo for Undefeated SF 49ers

Gettin’ ready for Sunday’s game…
We are genuinely excited that the undefeated SF 49ers are arguably the best team in the NFL. We will be planning our weekend around the game on Sunday, October 15th. And, we will be there at 10 AM Pacific when they play the Cleveland Browns.

Niner Nation Noshes
The big question is what are you going to snack on during the game? We suggest you stop by the store and stock up on your favorite chips and some of Piedmont Grocery’s own dips and spreads. Here are some of our favorites:

Our classic French Onion Dip is exactly what you’d expect, fresh and delicious!

Spinach Dip is classic sour cream spinach dip—complete with water chestnuts.

Our Dill Dip is the best option for cut veggies. Goes really great with Jicama.

Our Blue Cheese Dressing and Dip is a throwback to the kind of blue cheese you would see at an old-time steakhouse. Chunky, a little bit spicy, and frankly the best blue cheese dressing you can find anywhere. We like to dip hot wings in it, and also apples.

Dixie’s Dippin’ Sauce is an original creation from our cheese manager and a well-guarded secret. It’s tangy and sweet and a great dip for sausages of all kinds, for barbecue, as well as a sauce for pulled pork.

Pappy’s Pimiento Cheese Spread will add a little southern flavor to your game. Great when spread on crackers or sliced baguette. It’s really good when melted on sliced sourdough.

Sancho’s Salsa Dip and Spread is spreadable salsa made with fresh cream cheese. It is delicious with crackers and spread on your burger bun.

And if you haven’t tried our fresh Guacamole, come into the store for a sample. It’s delicious!

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