Sticky Fingers Irish Soda Bread

Sticky Fingers Irish Soda BreadBordering on effortless, yet nothing short of gourmet!

Hands down, Sticky Fingers is our favorite soda bread mix. Everything is in the package. You just add water, mix, bake, and an intoxicatingly sweet oaty scent fills your kitchen. Hot out of the oven comes a delicious bread with a light crumb, fruity flavor, and deep golden crust. This traditional, Irish soda bread has a wonderful balance of caraway and raisins. Its delicious for breakfast with jam or butter, and for dinner it is traditionally served with soup or chili.

Tip: The directions say use a loaf pan, but we pour our batter into an Irish soda bread dish with beautiful results.

Visit the Sticky Fingers website and learn more about their great company.

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