Sukhi’s Indian Food

Chicken Curry NaanwichWe carry a full line of Sukhi’s products because they keep adding new ones, and frankly, they’re just delicious! Sukhi’s was founded by celebrated Chef-Teacher Sukhi Singh right here in the Bay Area in 1992. These are healthy, nourishing, soul-satisfying recipes that Sukhi learned from her grandmother.

Our customers love the frozen entrees like Vegetable or Chicken Biryani that are cooked in rich Indian spices and come with basmati rice. Other entrees include Samosas and Chicken Curry. Our customers love Sukhi’s Naanwiches, the marriage of sandwich and Indian spcies in flavors like Chicken Tikka Masala and Savory Spinach & Feta. Sukhi’s also has a new line of Lean Fare.

Visit Sukhi’s website.

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