Sukhi’s Potato and Pea Samosas

Sukhi’s Potato and Pea Samosas arranged on a wooden tray

Sukhi’s Potato and Pea Samosas make an appetizing side dish or snack. They’ve included their delectable Cilantro Chutney for dipping. Perfectly sized for party platters these samosas will spice up any gathering of family or friends.

Samosas, the triangular parcels of flaky dough wrapped around fillings of all kinds, are a very popular treat in South Asia. Just like dumplings, empanadas, and pierogi—there’s something universally appealing about stuffing delicious things into dough.

About Sukhi’s
If you are longing for irresistible, authentic Indian flavors that you can make with ease in your kitchen, look no further. Sukhi started selling her prepared dishes and sauces at our local farmer’s market and has now graduated to the freezer section of many grocery stores—without sacrificing an inch of quality or flavor.

They are local (based in Hayward) and committed to quality. Their food is made without preservatives and the always-tender chicken has no added hormones.

Born in India and inspired by her grandmother, Sukhi Singh had a natural gift for cooking. In 1985 she moved to the U.S with a passion and vision for sharing her native cuisine with those who love good food. Her continued passion and artful cooking is the inspiration behind Sukhi’s Indian Cuisine.

Try some Sukhi’s Potato and Pea Samosas!

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