The Oakland Museum has Reopened!

After months of experiencing a virtual Oakland Museum, the Oakland Museum has reopened complete with new safety protocols. You will need to reserve your entrance time slot in advance. We are so happy that we can feel comfortable visiting one of our favorite local museums again.

Some of their current exhibits include:

You Are Here: California Stories on the Map
Showcasing a diverse range of maps from Oakland, the Bay Area, and California—from environmental surroundings and health conditions to community perspectives and creative artworks—experience how maps can be a powerful tool to share unique points of view and imagine a better future. Explore new perspectives of familiar places through maps made by the community, and mark your own stories on the community map inside the exhibition.

Dorothea Lange: Photography as Activism
Experience the iconic life and work of Dorothea Lange, world-renowned documentary photographer. Through the lens of her camera, Lange documented American life with riveting photographs that captured some of the most powerful moments of the 20th century.
Uncover the history of the Black Power movements in California with a compelling addition to the Gallery of California History. This new installation will illustrate the creative ways black anti-racist activists in California supported their communities and challenged the U.S. government.
Question Bridge: Black Males
Immerse yourself in intimate videos—woven together and arranged to simulate face-to-face conversations between participants—among a diverse group of over 160 Black men across the United States. Hear these men answer each other’s questions with exceptional honesty and vulnerability, and share stories, beliefs, and values in a personal portrayal of their lives.
Learn more on the OMCA website.

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