Tiger Striped Figs

Tiger Stripe FigsThis time of year, you can find several varieties of figs in our produce department, and we have a special visitor—the Tiger Striped Fig.

Tiger Stripe figs are a beautiful variegated fig with green and yellow vertical stripes. Their fruit is a ruby red and is fragrant, sweet, and delicious. Tiger Stripe figs are aromatic with a sweet and bright, berry flavor with hints of citrus, often likened to the taste of raspberry preserves. These delicate fruits have a short shelf life, meaning that they are only available in the store for a limited time. So, get them while they are here!

Figs pair well with other fresh fruit like raspberries, peaches and pears—and cheeses such as blue, feta, burrata, and chèvre.

Tiger Stripe figs can be used as a topping over pizza, cooked down into jams, compotes, and sauces, skewered and grilled, or baked into tarts, cakes, and bars. They can also be dried for extended use. Ripe figs are highly perishable and need to be refrigerated. It is recommended to consume the figs within 1 to 2 days once they are ripe.

Figs are native to Western Asia and have been growing wild since ancient times. The fruits were introduced into the Mediterranean through trade routes.

Tiger Striped Figs figs are delicious eaten raw or lightly cooked. Try them in our recipe for Prosciutto Wrapped Figs And Blue Cheese, Fig, Ricotta, and Goat Cheese Tart, Roasted Pork Chops with Fresh Fig Sauce, or this Figgy Rum Cocktail.



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