Tin Pot Creamery

Carton of Tin Pot Creamery Cookie Monster Ice Cream with scoop

Tin Pot Creamery crafts both decadent and sophisticated frozen desserts with a twist on traditional flavors. They handcraft small batched of ice cream, sorbets, and the baked goods they use to make their flavors.

Tin Pot Creamery takes us back to the basics of homemade desserts—with a modern spin. They use the very best ingredients to handcraft the most delicious recipes possible.

About Tin Pot Creamery
Tin Pot Creamery started in Becky’s home kitchen in the South Bay. Becky obsessively tinkered to perfect all the recipes and handcrafted each flavor one quart at a time. She got dry ice from a local grocery store to keep the ice cream frozen, and hand-delivered it to people in the Bay Area. They now have scoop shops in five locations.

The name Tin Pot Creamery comes from one of the first ice cream recipes to appear in an English cookbook published in 1733. The recipe says to fill six “tin ice-pots” with cream and freeze using ice and salt. We like the idea of the tin pot representing something homemade.

We are currently carrying these flavors:

Cookie Monster brings “Cookies and Cream” and “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” together into one blissful scoop. It’s full of cookie dough pieces and chocolate cookie crumbles, which are both handcrafted by Tin Pot Creamery. These goodies are layered throughout ice cream made with grass-fed dairy and pure vanilla.

Malted Milkshake is a little sweet and a little savory. This flavor is like an old-fashioned malted milkshake. Made with grass-fed dairy, lots of pure vanilla, and dark chocolate sprinkles.

Salted Butterscotch has just the right amount of sea salt and pure vanilla to make it irresistible. Handcrafted brown sugar caramel and grass-fed, California dairy make this ice cream incredible. This recipe has gone through the most iterations to perfect and is one of the best-selling flavors they make.

Strawberry Lemonade is a dairy-free vegan sorbet. It’s full of red, ripe strawberries and zippy lemons. It has a tart, light, and refreshing flavor-just like a frosty glass of strawberry lemonade!

Vanilla Bean is a delectable, full-flavored vanilla ice cream that is anything but ordinary. Made with grass-fed, California dairy and two kinds of real vanilla.

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