Image of Popsipples: a popsicle in a glass of proseccoOne of the easiest cocktails to prepare is also one of the most charming.
Our recipe for Popsipples couldn’t be simpler. It is basically a glass of Prosecco with a fruit pop inserted upside-down. The popsicle stick becomes a stir stick. And, as the fruit pop melts, the flavor intensifies for a delightful journey of the tastebuds.

Of course, you can make your own popsicles. (And, who knows? You might be the type of person to make your own Prosecco!) But, here we are going with the ease of a bottle of Prosecco and a tasty, store-bought fruit pop. We recommend three brands that we carry: Outshine Fruit Bars, GoodPop, or Chloe’s. And, between those three you have your choice of an extensive array of fruit flavors as well as different-sized popsicles to fit in different-sized glasses.

And, of course, you can also make a non-alcoholic version—for those abstaining and the littles—by replacing the Prosecco with a flavored sparkling water.

Popsipples Recipe
Yields 1 cocktail

There are limitless possibilities for variations on flavor and ingredients. We recommend using Prosecco for the base and a fruit pop for the flavoring. You might also choose a hard seltzer instead of the Prosecco.

Prosecco (or sparkling wine of your choice)
Fruit pop of your choice
Optional fruit and/or herbs for garnish

Choose a glass that matches the size of your popsicle. Think about the width of the popsicle fitting nicely as well as the depth of the glass—you want to be able to grab the stick.

Place a fruit pop upside-down in your glass and top it off with Prosecco. You may wish you can garnish the cocktail with a piece of fresh fruit or a sprig of an herb like peppermint.

Note: This recipe can be made with room-temperature Prosecco. And, how chilled the wine is will influence how fast the popsicle melts and flavors the drink.


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