U-Pick Fruit and Veggies in Brentwood

photo of peaches on a branch for U-Pick Fruit and Veggies in Brentwood

Pick your own U-Pick Fruit and Veggies in Brentwood this weekend!
The U-Pick farms in East Contra Costa County are bursting with produce. Harvest time in Brentwood is year-round, but this time of year is great. So, get out there and pick your own!

Pick your own personal-sized watermelons, peaches, plums, and all kinds of summer produce. Check out the Harvest Time Brentwood website list of farms and find out what is available for U-Pick this coming weekend.

Each farm is open for U-Pick Fruit and Veggies on different days, and it changes. So, the best way to find a farm is by visiting this webpage on the morning you want to go out. It has a drop-down menu that lists the farms by the type of produce they grow. Search for u-pick fruit and vegetables. There is also an interactive map.

Harvest Time is a Non-Profit Organization that is dedicated to educating the general public and “foodies” about farming and its products while improving Agri-tourism education in Brentwood. Each year, they produce an educational farm trail map that directs you to more than 40 growers who sell directly to the consumer

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