Valentine Ice Cream Sundaes

Valentines Ice Cream SundaeLovin’ Spoonful

Everyone has their own ideas about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My family is no different.

In the past, my husband and I would do the usual things to celebrate Valentine’s Day. By usual things I mean that I would remind him about February 14th, to which he would reply, “That’s today?!?” (Sigh.) Times are a bit different. Gone are the chocolates, fancy dinners and roses. Though there never really were any roses—Cupid has horrible allergies. And, of course, the reminders are still required. But we do manage to enjoy some fun for Valentine’s Day.

My husband has always loved ice cream. His love of ice cream is second only to his love of cookies. I come in a distant third…maybe.

A few years ago we started the Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sundae tradition. Instead of dinner out, or eating huge boxes of chocolate, the five of us make our own Hot Fudge Sundaes. And I do mean Sundaes. We’re not talking a couple of scoops of vanilla with some Hershey’s squirted on it. I mean legit Sundaes. We go all out.

Anything we could possibly want in or on our sundaes is available. We have multiple flavors of ice cream on hand including the hand-packed, special trip up the street to purchase, gallon of Fenton’s Toasted Almond. To my mind, it ain’t a real sundae without Fenton’s Toasted Almond.

The toppings are myriad, and range from Hot Fudge to Marshmallow to chopped nuts and fresh brewed espresso. (If you have never poured cooled espresso over your ice cream, you haven’t lived. And if you add some chocolate chips? Shut The Front Door!)

This year I might stray from my usual path, and go a bit outside my comfort zone just to shake things up a bit. (However, these things require a lot of thought. I wouldn’t want to mess it up.) As a family rule, we tend to stick to the chocolate, vanilla and nutty type flavors but adding coconut and raspberry sounds interesting…

This is my proposed line up for this year: 

Ice Cream Sundaes
(Picture an ice cream boat in your head)

Ice Cream
Fenton’s Toasted Almond (can’t mess with tradition)
Talenti Southern Butter Pecan Gelato
Fiorello’s Valhrona Chocolate
McConnell’s Island Coconut
Mitchell’s Mexican Chocolate
Loard’s Vanilla (For the kids. My kids are kinda boring.)

Wildly Delicious Chocolate Bourbon Sauce
Le Caramels Sea Salt Caramel Cream
Stonewall Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce
Fran’s Raspberry Sauce
Marshmallow Cream (Maybe, though it is a kid favorite.)

Chopped Pecans and/or almonds
Chocolate covered salted peanuts. (My husband’s favorite ice cream flavor is Tin Roof Sundae)
Split Bananas
Strawberries and/or raspberries
Sweetened Coconut
Crushes Oreos
Chocolate Chips or M&Ms
Whipped Cream
Various Colored Sprinkles

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