Wright & Brown Distilling Co.

Wright & Brown Distilling Co.The best whiskey is made slowly—its story begins as seeds in the fields and ends as a golden liquid in your glass.

Wright & Brown Distilling Co. was founded in 2014, the first distillery in Oakland since Prohibition. They are a craft grain-to-glass distillery that uses centuries old methods to create exciting new California spirits that stand the test of time.

Wright & Brown believes good whiskey is a combination of tradition, technique and time. With every batch, they pay homage to the early American whiskey makers who built an entire industry and culture with only the grains they could find on neighboring farms, distilled local water, and hand-built copper stills. Their small-batch method is based on “Pennsylvania-style whiskey-making” (versus Southern-style or Maryland-style) a tradition that references pre-industrial distilling.

This is what we carry at the store:

Rye Whiskey
Distilled from the finest quality hand-selected malted rye and barley. One small batch at a time. Aged in new American white oak casks with a medium char. Never chill filtered. A true craft rye whiskey.

An important source of Rye in the mashbill is the Brown family farm up in the Mattole Valley of Humboldt County. It is an heirloom varietal that is gaining favor again with the resurgence of California Grain farming. It’s organic and unmalted, giving their rye a floral, grassy aroma.

All milling, mashing, distilling, bottling, and aging are all painstaking done in-house to make certain that each part of the process is executed with the utmost care.

70% Rye, 30% Unmalted Barley

Bourbon Whiskey
Wright & Brown bourbon is the kind of bourbon that sophisticated palates are looking for as a departure from the status quo. It is grassy, herbaceous and spicy.

What makes it so special? The secret lies in our California grains, high rye mash bill, and their 250 gallong Vedome copper pot still. They are dedicated to using old school methods of handcrafting whiskey and focusing on each part of the process from grain to glass to ensure that only the finest quality spirits come off their still.

If you are an experienced bourbon drinker looking to experience California terroir or an adventurous beginner, this is the whiskey for you.

65% Corn, 23% Rye, 12% Malted Barley

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