Amy’s Christmas Punch

A pitcher of Amy's Christmas Punch with cranberreis and orange slices Punch of Cheer
When we got married, we were given a punch bowl as a gift. I loved it. My husband was less enthusiastic. I get it. Your average twenty-something dude does not get excited about a punch bowl that he predicted would take up room in our garage and rarely get used. It pains me to admit he was spot-on with that prediction.

In general, I am pro punch, usually while sitting pool/beachside and with the appropriate tiny umbrella in it but, I also like a good boozy punch for cocktail parties. A big bowl of punch where guests can serve themselves, so you don’t have to play bartender, is a pro move. If I am being honest though, the only time I have enough people in my house to make a punch like that is during the holidays. Even then it’s not always enough people to justify it. Hence the dusty punch bowl in the garage…

That changes this year. This is the year of the return of the punch bowl. It’s the appropriate time for a few reasons. One, the kids are old enough that if they happen to sneak into the punch, I’m not going to freak out about it. Two, I am almost fifty and I’ve decided to do it because I wanna…life is short, live your life and drink the punch.

Amy’s Christmas Punch Recipe
Adapted from Sugar and Soul
Yields 8 Cups

1 orange, sliced
1 cup fresh cranberries
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
2 cups cranberry juice cocktail
2 cups orange juice
1 cup pomegranate juice
2 cups lemon-lime soda or ginger ale
1 cup vodka, rum, or bourbon (whatever floats your boat)

Combine all the ingredients in a large pitcher or punch bowl over ice. If using a really large punch bowl, you can double the recipe.

Keep the booze on the side to give guests the option to add their preferred spirit themselves. This also makes it okay for the kids at the party…

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