Boylan’s Black Cherry Soda

An icy bottle of Boylan's Black Cherry Soda sitting on a porch

Handcrafted soda
Boylan’s Black Cherry Soda is a unique blend of cherries, wild cherry bark, and extracts of bourbon vanilla. It’s flavorful, sweet, and tart. It is made with carbonated water, real cane sugar, citric acid, caramel color, natural black cherry flavor, and fruit and vegetable juices.

Royalan got it right! The delicious flavor has just the right amount of sweetness without being overpowering. It doesn’t have the aftertaste of artificially flavored sodas.

Enjoy Boylan’s Black Cherry Soda — an old-fashioned treat made with real sugar. And, it actually smells like cherries! The flavor is clean and it doesn’t leave a syrupy aftertaste. Rather, it has a deep cherry taste like your are drinking fresh cherry juice.

About Boylan
Boylan today is best known for its full line of hand-crafted sodas, ranging from our core four Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Black Cherry, and Creme sodas, to other popular flavors, including Cane Cola, Orange, and Grape.

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