Bud’s Eggnog

Bud's EggnogLike Ice Cream in a Cup!
Bud’s is our staff pick for eggnog. It’s thick and frothy with a just-right off-white color. The flavor is sweet but not overly sugary. Locally made, Bud’s indeed tastes farm fresh.

Bud’s Ice Cream of San Francisco is a decades-old legend
in a city devoted to culinary arts Read more…

Kerrygold Butter for Holiday Baking

Kerrygold Butter for Holiday BakingIrish Gold
You will notice the difference if you use Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter in your holiday baking. Kerrygold’s richness is fantastic in cookies, cakes, and pastries where it’s creamy, smooth, and subtle taste can shine. Their unsalted butter has a higher butterfat content and is a perfect Read more…

Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate Mixes

Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate MixesPerfect Hot Chocolate.
It is definitely the time of year for hot chocolate and Silly Cow Farms makes some of the best hot chocolate out there! It dissolves easily, and tastes terrific.

Silly Cow Farms makes a delicious, organic, old-fashioned hot chocolate mix. It’s made with real Dutch cocoa, Read more…

Satsumas Are Here!

Satsuma MandarinsSatsuma Mandarins are in our Produce Department—and they are delicious!
With a perfect balance of sweet and tart and a great acid edge, satsuma mandarins have a melt in your mouth texture. Their skins peel readily, and segments are easy-to-separate. Plus they contain an abundance of Read more…