Groix & Nature Salmon Rillettes

Groix & Nature Salmon RillettesCelebrate Bastille Day in style!
Groix & Nature Salmon Rillettes is creamy but light and flavorful without being overpowering. Think of it as salmon’s answer to paté. It is impressive, yet deceptively simple to make. They make a delicious casual appetizer, are fantastic on picnics,  Read more…

Lorina Artisanal Sparkling Lemonade

Lorina Sparkling LemonadeSparkling goodness= happiness in a bottle.
Have you tried Lorina? (It’s about the best lemonade you can get in a bottle.) A few grams of sugar, fresh lemons, and water from the Vosges sandstone—these are the ingredients of an exquisite lemonade. Imported from France, Read more…

Brentwood Corn

Brentwood CornBrentwood Corn is a staff favorite—every summer.
Summer is in here, and local Brentwood corn is plentiful and delicious. It’s picked each day, arriving at our market fresh, without losing sweetness.

The rich, Brentwood agricultural soil and temperate climate of the Delta create perfect Read more…

Parrano Cheese

Parrano CheeseIf you haven’t yet tried Parrano cheese, we recommend you do! It is one of our most popular cheese—it simply flies off our shelves!

Parrano is an unforgettable cheese with a distinctly Italian temperament. Parrano artfully captures two of the world’s best-loved cheeses, Parmesan and Gouda,  Read more…

Waterloo Sparkling Water

Waterloo Sparkling WaterSo good, so fresh!
If you are looking for a refreshing sparkling beverage this summer, we recommend you try Waterloo. It’s our new favorite!

Waterloo is simply made from purified carbonated water and natural flavors. Their flavors contain zero synthetic ingredients Read more…