Philz Coffee

Photo of a cup of Philz Coffee
Artisanal and wonderfully delicious.
Philz Coffee is a San Francisco institution and a leading local member of coffee’s third wave. Philz Coffee brightens your day, wakes you up, and inspires conversation.

About Philz Coffee
Philz Jaber started on the corner of 24th and Mission Read more…

Guittard Chocolate

Guittard Chocolate Bar with foil wrapper

Close to perfection!
Guittard chocolate is our favorite for baking and candy making. With its rich, creamy mouthfeel, genuine chocolate flavor, and smooth texture, we use it whenever our recipes call for chocolate—it takes your baking to new heights. Read more…

Yolélé Fonio

Photo of Yolélé Fonio in a traditional West African dish

You may just discover a new food obsession.
Yolélé Fonio is an ancient West African grain that is light, fluffy, and nutty. Plus, it cooks up in five minutes! It is naturally gluten-free, nutritionally dense, and rich in important nutrients with a low glycemic index.

Fonio goes with just about anything Read more…

Caggiano Sausages for the Grill

Photo of Caggiano Sausages for the GrillUp the variety and flavor of your grilling game with delicious Caggiano Sausages for the Grill.
Nothing is easier to grill than sausages. You simply cook them slowly and turn them often. And, sausages are fantastic canvases for all kinds of flavors. Petaluma’s Caggiano Sausage Company, Read more…