Clover Sonoma Butter

Clover Sonoma ButterCreamy goodness
Clover Sonoma butter is made with high-quality organic cream, straight from Northern California family-owned dairy farms. It is churned locally in small batches by skilled butter makers and they have spent decades perfecting it. Rich, creamy, and delicious however you use it.

We carry both kinds of Clover Sonoma Butter, salted and unsalted. And the only real difference between salted and unsalted butter is just the added salt. But, which type you choose makes a difference in your dishes.

When to use salted butter
Salted butter is all-purpose. It’s the best kind to use for the table and general cooking when you don’t need precise control over the amount of salt in a recipe. That’s because when you’re slathering it on a piece of warm bread, for example, the saltiness helps to bring out the rich flavor and enhances the experience for your taste buds. Without the salt, the taste leans in the direction of flat or just fatty. Try adding salted butter to your morning bowl of oatmeal to elevate the flavor.

When to use unsalted butter
Unsalted butter gives you complete control of the overall flavor of your recipe. This is especially important in certain baked goods where you want the pure, sweet cream flavor of butter to come through such as butter cookies or pound cakes. Because most recipes call for the addition of salt as an ingredient, using salted butter in things like cookies and pies can take them over the top in saltiness.

Aside from the flavor, using salted butter in a baking recipe that calls for unsalted can lead the end product to not turn out. For example, if you use salted butter in a high-fat yeast dough, such as brioche, the extra salt may also inhibit the yeast and lead to improper leavening.

About Clover Sonoma
There is nothing trendy or hipster about Clover. They have been doing it right for three generations. We can find ourselves just reaching for their products without giving it a second thought because we know they are consistently delicious. Clover believes that being a sustainable business is the only way to do business. They consider themselves to be stewards of the land and they treat their cows humanely. They are proof that family farms can make a difference.

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