Creminelli Fresh Protein Snack Packs

Creminelli Fresh Protein Snack PacksWe have been packing Creminelli Fresh Protein Snack Pack in our lunches and couldn’t be more pleased. Each pack includes just the right amount of tasty meat, delicious cheese, and a crunchy cracker. And, goes along perfectly with a salad or soup for a complete meal. These snack packs are great to have onboard for car trips and lunches for work, school and summer camp. Or take one with you for after workout.

Right now we are carrying two varieties in the store:

Sopressata, Monterey Jack & Crackers
Uncured Italian salami made with Sangiovese red wine and organic garlic paired with Monterey Jack cheese and sea salt & olive oil crackers.

Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Grissini
Silk thin slices of all-natural pork aged with sea salt paired with aged mozzarella and grissini breadsticks.

About Creminelli
For centuries the Creminelli family passed down the tradition of crafting artisan meats in and around Biella, Italy. And, now Creminelli Fine Meats expertly blends old world traditions with modern techniques to create amazing new flavor profiles. In the US they are the winners of 11 national food awards…and counting.

Creminelli works hard to partner with farms dedicated to treating animals humanely. They are committed to allowing their animals to live a natural life, free to roam and forage. All of Creminelli’s products are made from 100% US heritage pork raised in open living conditions with no added nitrates and no antibiotics, ever.

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