Graduation Feast

Graduation FeastMy sons are graduating from eighth grade this week and the whole concept is blowing my mind. I am not prepared, nor do I feel old enough, for two kids in high school. It feels like I was just holding them on my shoulder while they drooled and then I blinked and they were 14…

With all of the chaos that is the last week of school (never mind the graduation-specific stuff), it is safe to say that I haven’t been doing much cooking. So, in honor of two of my most favorite people, I have put together a list of their favorite dishes. These are the recipes that, if I had 10 more hours in the day and I could clone myself, I would serve to celebrate their accomplishments. These are also the recipes that I usually have to double if I want to actually get to taste them myself…unless they have friends over, then I’m out of luck.

To all of you who might have kids or relatives graduating from middle school, high school or college, I offer you a hearty congratulations not only to the graduates for their hard work and dedication to get to this milestone—but to the families that worked equally as hard to get them there!

Cherry Cola Ribs
You’ve gotta try these. They’re the bomb! They are also extremely addictive.

Feast or Famine Mac ‘n Cheese
I offer you two of my top recipes for a comfort food favorite, Mac & Cheese. True, the desperate can go the blue-box, plastic cheese route. But the real deal is easy to prepare, and you can make extra for the freezer. 

Tri-Colored Orzo Salad
Every time I make it people ask for the recipe. The key is to use good quality olive oil. Try this with anything grilled and any left-overs are great as a light lunch the next day!

Amy’s Spicy Slaw
I mess around with this recipe for Amy’s Spicy Slaw a lot, but here is the basic version. Sometimes I add jicama. Sometimes I add green apple. Sometimes I leave out the cilantro ’cause Mom hates it.

New Potato Salad
I have always been a big fan of potato salad, but this particular recipe is by far one of my favorites and I make it often—though I do tweak it a bit ’cause I can. Adding hard-boiled eggs is my favorite tweak.

Neverfail Biscuits and Strawberry Freezer Jam
Freezer jam is great and you can do it if you find a free hour. (For me, that’s midnight!) We are crazy for strawberry jam in my house—especially when you spoon it on warm, fresh (and really quick!) biscuits. Yum…

Valentines Ice Cream Cake
Feel free to get wacky with the flavors and go all out with the combinations. Because our ice cream selection at Piedmont Grocery is fairly large, I have had the opportunity to come up with some great ideas…and you can get really creative.

Texas Sheet Cake
Making a Texas Sheet Cake is easy. You just need to be certain you have others to help you eat it—because a Texas Sheet Cake feeds a crowd.

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