Kaveri Espresso Liqueur

Kaveri Espresso Liqueur from Dissident Spirits

From Dissident Spirits Co.
A combination of hand-crafted coffee beans and spirits gives Kaveri Espresso Liqueur a rich espresso flavor with rum, vanilla, and buttery oak notes fading into a deep mocha finish.

In crafting their barrel-aged Espresso Liqueur they found an ideal local partner in Tanya Rao of Kaveri Coffee Works. They extract the essence of her coffee into the Marina Bay Vodka and age it in Cypress Point Gold Rum barrels to further refine its flavor profile.

About Dissident Spirits
Located in the Marina Bay district of Richmond, this distillery feels that being employee-owned, providing a true living wage to their employees, and giving their employees the tools to further their education and growth is vital to their success as a company. Distillation and community are their passion. And, the goal is to create a craft distillery that celebrates the diversity of the Bay Area and the industry as a whole.

You can tell they are rooted in our local community because many of their spirits are named after Richmond neighborhoods.

Dissident Spirits resists corporate norms and strives to create an environment that benefits their local neighborhoods, surrounding businesses, employees, and customers.

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