Mr. Dewie’s Chocolate Orange Chip

Bowl of Mr. Dewie's Chocolate Orange ChipIf you are looking for a non-dairy frozen dessert, Mr. Dewie’s Chocolate Orange Chip is exceptional. The texture and consistency are smooth and the flavors are well-balanced, delicious, and never overly sweet. This might be the best vegan ice cream we have tasted—and it’s not just for vegans!

Chocolate Orange Chip is made with organic ingredients: evaporated cane juice, cocoa powder, vegan chocolate, vanilla extract, chocolate extract, coffee, pure orange oil, and kosher salt.

About Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery
Brothers Ari and Andrew Cohen, born and raised in Berkeley, created and co-founded the creamery in 2011. Their mission is to make a creamy, rich, and delicious ice cream that is also free of dairy, gluten, and soy. They keep it local with three ice cream shop locations in Oakland, Emeryville, and Albany.

Mr. Dewie’s uses only natural, organic, and healthy ingredients. No fillers, additives, preservatives, gums, or oils. And, all of Mr. Dewie’s flavors are made with their cashew milk base that is made simply of organic cashews and filtered water. And the flavor is subtle enough not to mask the other ingredients.

Mr. Dewie’s makes a great mix of classic and inventive flavors. Other flavors that we carry include Golden Spice, Caramel Almond Crunch, Cold Brew Coffee, Heavenly Chocolate, Hella Vanilla, Cool Mint Chip, and Fresh Strawberry.

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