Passover Menu Ideas

Seder plate for Passover Menu Ideas

Looking for Passover menu ideas?
Passover begins at sunset, on Monday night, April 22nd, and ends after nightfall on, Tuesday, April 23rd. As you gather with family and friends to share Seder meals, we are wishing you happiness, peace, prosperity, and all the joys of Passover.

And, don’t forget to order your holiday meats. Our butcher department is fully-​​stocked, and ready to receive your call—we have lamb, brisket, and smoked whitefish.

Remember the shank bone for the Seder plate!

Call at least a day in advance to reserve at (510) 653-8181.

Passover Menu Ideas
Moroccan Carrot Soup is a delicious side flavored with cumin, allspice, honey, and lemon.

These Two Easy Appetizers are great for some pre-Seder snacking, Cranberry Walnut Bread with Brie and Sliced Fruit or Endive with Dill and Smoked Salmon.

The Cheese Plate is an easy appetizer to throw together and with some simple rules of thumb, you can create one that is delicious and varied. Cheese plates can be artful, with lots of room for improvisation.

Marinated and Grilled Mediterranean Leg of Lamb is super easy to grill and you can play around with different flavors with the marinades or dry rubs.

Marinated and Grilled Mediterranean Leg of Lamb The uniform thickness of a butterflied boneless leg of lamb makes it easy to grill and serve. Our butchers will be happy to butterfly and trim the fat from the leg of lamb for you.

Barbecue Brisket—Texas Style is a recipe where your brisket will come out smokey, moist, and tender with plenty for leftovers.

Amy’s Favorite Roast Chicken recipe is reliable and you can cook multiple chickens for a crowd.

Pommes Dauphinoise
(Potatoes au Gratin) is a classic, French side that is delicious alongside Sedar dishes.

Asparagus and Leek Risotto makes a great holiday side. If you’ve never made risotto before, don’t be intimidated. It’s not difficult!

Green Beans with Hazelnut Gremolata is a delicious way to dress up a traditional side.

Roasted Cauliflower and Hazelnut Salad The cauliflower soaks up flavors particularly effectively and benefits from anything sweet and sharp.

Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream has the addition of the balsamic vinegar which adds both complexity and some of the acidity lost from freezing the strawberries.

Bananas Foster Fondue uses bananas as the obvious dippers. But, you could also use a variety of pastries, fruit, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Classic Chocolate Mousse is both rich and creamy, yet light and fluffy.
This is a classic chocolate mousse made French style. It has less cream, an intense chocolate flavor, and a beautiful, creamy mouth feel.

is a slushy, Israeli lemonade that makes a refreshing drink. It is simple to make, and you’ll get rave reviews from your guests.

Hawaiian Ginger Ale Mocktail is an all-ages beverage that is refreshing and delicious. Carefully boiling fresh ginger in water for a good, long while is the key to rounded, deep flavor.

And, we have some great kosher wine and spirits at the store this week, so ask in our wine and spirits department for details.

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