Semifreddis BaguetteTheir bread is just flour, water, salt, and yeast…so, how can it taste so good?

Semifreddi’s mission sums up why we love them: Make the best baked bread and pastries in the universe, offer them at a fair and reasonable price, provide superior customer service, treat our employees like family and give back to the community. Plus they are East Bay local.

They boast a wonderful array of products and here is what we have on our shelves:
Sweet Baguette
This Sweet Baguette contains no sugar, yet has a clean sweet taste. Inspired by the baguettes of Paris. Great for sandwiches.

Sourdough Baguette
This baguette has a balance of sour flavors. The caramelized crisp crust contrasts with the sour tang of the crumb. This classic bread can be enjoyed with any meal.

Sourdough Seeded Baguette
This baguette has an added dimension using fennel, sesame, and poppy seeds. The seed mixture adds a complexity to the crust.

Rustic Sourdough
This golden crusty sourdough is a perfect accompaniment to all meals. Its deep sour flavor will make you pucker up.

Sweet Batard
Their Sweet Batard has a clean, sweet taste. The crumb is honeycombed with large and small cells.

Sour Batard
Their Sour Batard has a great sour flavor derived from lengthened fermentation. Its shape makes it ideal for sandwiches, toast and as table bread.

Semifreddi’s Ciabatta has a chewy and crisp golden crust with a wide-open crumb.

Kalamata Loaf
With an open crumb studded with tangy Kalamata Olives from the Peloponnese, this bread is fun to eat by itself. But you can enhance the experience. Dip in olive oil and eat with feta and cucumbers. Toast it or grill it for a transformative bruschetta.

Rosemary Focaccia
1/4 sheet pan with a moist crumb made the traditional way with 100% extra virgin olive oil. It is full of flavor and has a delicate aroma. Makes six sandwiches or slice for dipping.

Odessa Rye
Their Odessa Rye is a sour chewy bread made with caraway seeds. The addition of malt to the dough adds just a touch of sweetness.

Challah Loaf
Challah is braided egg bread. Its sweet flavor is derived from the use of honey. A favorite of young and old, it is traditionally a bread for the Sabbath. And, of course, it’s Kosher Pareve.

Cinnamon Twist
This is a classic egg bread, swirled with cinnamon. Enjoy it just as it is! Makes fabulous French toast or bread pudding.

Super Garlic Croutons
Packed full of garlic flavor, this crouton is also perfect for crostini!

Almond Biscotti
Semifreddi’s biscotti are loaded with almonds that are freshly roasted to enhance and preserve their rich and earthy flavor. The rich flavor of the nuts is accented with a hint of cinnamon. These biscotti make a great accompaniment to all beverages hot or cold.

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