JW Organic Farms

JW Organic Farms CarrotsLocal, Organic, Fresh!

Much of the organic pro­duce you find at Pied­mont Gro­cery comes from JW Organic Farms, and you can taste the difference!

JW Organic Farms began with little more than a garden out­side of Wat­sonville, selling from a small, road­side, farm stand. From these humble Read more…

Sticky Fingers Bakeries

Sticky Fingers BakeriesJust like Mum used to make.

The irre­sistible aroma and taste of fresh-​​baked goods can fill your home in just min­utes. Sticky Fin­gers Bak­eries make deli­cious Scone, Irish Soda Bread, Muffin, and Brownie mixes. Made in small batches with real, fresh ingredients.

Their authentic Read more…

Wine Forest Wild Foods

Wine Forest dried mushroomsTaste the adven­ture of wild foraging.

Some of our finest-​​quality pantry sta­ples come from deep in the woods in Napa Valley. Wine For­rest Wild Foods was a pio­neer in procuring wild mush­rooms, and has expanded to create deli­cious line of dried mush­rooms, side dishes and sea­son­ings that Read more…

McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal

McCann' Irish OatmealIrish soul food.

Oats is oats, right? Not when we are talking McCann’s.

This oat­meal is full of a toasty, nutty flavor, has a sat­is­fy­ingly firm tex­ture, and is oh-​​so filling. It makes a great, winter break­fast that is hearty enough to stand up to almost any­thing you toss into it. And then there’s that great tin.  Read more…