TCHO Chocolate

TCHO ChocolateChocolate as it should be.

TCHO is a craft chocolatier obsessed with creating amazing chocolate…and making a better world.

TCHO does not include, additives. Rather, the differences in flavor come from the variety of beans and the way they are processed. TCHO talks about flavor notes Read more…

Bartolini Soups

Bartolini Soup Italian Soul Food for a Rainy January
In the hills of southern Umbria, the Bartolini family have been growing olives, grains, and legumes since the 1850’s.

Bartolini Farmer’s Soup
The soup includes borlotti beans, red lentils, chickpeas, canellini beans, red azuki beans, yellow soy, Read more…

Guittard Chocolate

Guittard Chocolate As close to perfection as chocolate can get!

Guittard is our favorite chocolate for holiday baking and candy making. With its rich, creamy mouthfeel, genuine chocolate flavor, and smooth texture, we use it whenever our recipes call for chocolate—it takes your baking to new heights.

Guittard Read more…

Wood’s Boiled Cider

Wood's Bolied Cider Wonderful Apple Intensity

Everything Wood’s Boiled Cider touches is more apple-y: muffins, cakes, pies, tarts, and crisps. It is 100% concentrated cider—one gallon of cider is evaporated down to one pint of boiled cider, magically capturing the intense, robust flavor of just-picked apples Read more…