Super Bowl Shopping Checklist

Super Bowl Shopping ChecklistWe have put together a Super Bowl Shopping Checklist to help you get maximum enjoyment out of this weekend’s game. Check out our recommendations and come by the store to stock up!

Let’s begin with a selection of Piedmont’s Own Dips and Spreads. We recommend you stop by the store and pick up an assortment of our house-made dips and spreads for dipping chips and veggies. Options include:

  • Our classic French Onion Dip is exactly what you’d expect, fresh and delicious!
  • Spinach Dip is classic sour cream spinach dip—complete with water chestnuts.
  • Our Dill Dip is the best option for cut veggies. Goes really great with Jicama.
  • Taco Dip is soo good. It’s a ground beef taco with all the fixin’s, mixed into sour cream.
  • Our Blue Cheese Dressing and Dip is a throwback to the kind of blue cheese you would see at an old-time steakhouse. Chunky, a little bit spicy and frankly the best blue cheese dressing you can find anywhere. We like to dip hot wings in it, and also apples.
  • Dixie’s Dippin’ Sauce is an original creation from our cheese manager and a well-guarded secret. It’s tangy and sweet and a great dip for sausages of all kinds, for barbecue, as well as a sauce for pulled pork.
  • Pappy’s Pimiento Cheese Spread will add a little southern flavor to your Superbowl. Great when spread on crackers or sliced baguette. It’s really good when melted on sliced sourdough.
  • Our Fresh Bean Dip is great hot or cold. We make it fresh so you don’t have to.
  • Sancho’s Salsa Dip and Spread is spreadable salsa made with fresh cream cheese. It is delicious with crackers and spread on your burger bun.
  • And if you haven’t tried our fresh Guacamole, come into the store for a sample. It’s delicious!

And, naturally, you need something to dip these into. We love O’Hana Bros potato chips. Try their Himalayan Pink Salt or Rio Habernaro flavors. Or, you can go with the classic Kettle Brand Potato Chips. We have an entire wall of flavors to choose from!

And, if you are looking for a corn chip, one of our absolute favorites is El Molino restaurant-style chips. They are soooo flavorful and fresh. Imagine biting into a delicious restaurant tortilla chip, but miraculously, you just pulled them out of a grocery bag!

And, for other snacks, have you sampled Stonewall Kitchen‘s snack mixes? Sriracha Ranch, Mixed Nuts, and Ultimate Bar Mix (spicy) are three favorite flavors.

We have a fantastic selection of sausage to meet everyone’s taste. Throw some on the grill or even cook them up on the stovetop. A few of our favorites are Dibrova Oktoberfest Bratwurst or Polish Sausage, and Evergood Garlic Sausage.

And, if you are looking for a bun for your sausage or burger, a few suggestions are Taste of Denmark Sliders, Pretzilla burger or sausage buns, or Bakerly brioche or Sausage buns. All have exceptionally good flavor!

BBQ Sauce
And, if you are going full-on BBQ, we recommend trying one of these sauces: Suzie’s Organic Buffalo Wing Sauce, Kinders Hot BBQ Sauce, or Bone Suckin’ Sauce (either their regular or thicker style).



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