Thanksgiving Essentials

Thanksgiving EssentialsThis week’s staff pick is a list of products that we find essential for putting together the perfect Thanksgiving feast. So, add them to your shopping list to be certain you have what you need on hand while prepping for Thanksgiving dinner.

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
Is what we reach for when we want the best results. Used by top chefs around the country, Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is authentic kosher salt. It’s chosen by chefs for its simplicity, purity, and coarse texture. Unlike other kosher salts, Diamond Crystal is coarse enough to pick up and fragile enough to crush between your fingers for perfect seasoning.

King Arthur All-Purpose Flour
King Arthur Flour is consistent and dependable…it’s simply the best! And, we couldn’t get through the holidays without it. At King Arthur Flour they pay close attention to detail, consistency in milling, and set rigorous standards for their wheat. What does this mean for you? The best flavor, and dependable results in your baking.

Swanson Chicken Broth
Swanson Chicken Stock is a favorite of chefs. Many of us agree that it is second-best only to making your own stock. It is a full-bodied cooking base with a rich and savory roasted-chicken favor. Because they have added a limited amount of seasoning, it is the perfect foundation for flavor in any dish because you control the flavor. Swanson makes their Chicken Stock with only the highest quality meat and farm-grown vegetables.

Arroyo Seco of California Pecan Halves
The Klein Family has been growing crops in San Joaquin Valley for four generations. And, they pride themselves in packaging the highest-quality nuts available—without preservatives. Their Fancy, Junior Mammoth pecans are large in size and top-grade. They are the best pecan we know of for baking that quintessential pecan pie!

Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider
We all know that Martinelli‘s Sparkling Apple Cider is great for celebrations. That’s why it practically flies off our shelves around the holidays. Pick up a few flavors for your next celebratory meal. We carry the Original, Blush, Apple-Pomegranate, Apple-Grape, and Apple-Cranberry Sparkling Ciders.

Beckmann’s Stuffing Mixes
Beckmann’s stuffing has arrived at the store! We have their Unseasoned, Traditional Butter & Herb Seasoned, and Southern Style Cornbread.

Clover Sonoma Butter
Clover has been doing it right for three generations. We can find ourselves just reaching for their products without giving it a second thought because we know they are consistently delicious. We have both their unsalted and salted butter for your holiday dishes.

Fresh Cranberries
You can tell the holidays are around the corner because fresh cranberries have arrived in the produce aisle. Cranberry sauce, an indispensable item on traditional Thanksgiving menus, is delicious and quick to make from fresh berries. But the cranberry doesn’t stop at sauces. They pop up in all sorts of sweet and savory dishes.

100% Cotton Twine and Natural Cheesecloth
And, don’t forget to pick up a bale of 100% Cotton Twine and some 100% Cotton Natural Cheesecloth to help you with food preparation for the holidays! Future you will thank yourself.



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