St. Patrick’s Day Menu Planning

St. Patrick's Day Menu PlanningWe love a celebration—especially planning the menu. And, love featuring a particular cuisine. This is why for us, St. Patrick’s Day is less about a green beer pub crawl and more about really enjoying good food. In this spirit, we have put together a great list of recipes from our archives to help you with your St. Patrick’s Day Menu Planning.

Erin go bragh!

Cachel Blue, Spinach, and Smoked Salmon Tartlets
Oak-smoked Irish salmon is often eaten simply with a squeeze of lemon and a slice of brown bread. But its flavor pairs so well with other ingredients, It’s no surprise to also find it combined with blue cheese and fresh spinach in these tartlets. These use frozen filo dough shells.

Champ (Irish Potatoes)
No matter where you eat in Ireland, a bowl of champ is on the menu. And, it is delicious! Plus, there are so many variations on the dish. Here is the basic recipe for you to start with.

Authentic Irish Soda Bread
Soda bread is probably the easiest bread product you could possibly make. And, warm out of the oven with a generous smear of Irish butter…it’s heaven.

Beef and Guinness Stew
Nowadays the Guinness is used increasingly in cooking. It is a tasty addition to stews and casseroles, helping to tenderize the meat and imparting its distinctive malty flavor to any dish. This recipe makes a wonderful gutsy stew which tastes even better a day or two after it is made.

Corned Beef
Corned beef and cabbage is the quintessential food of an American St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Corning your own beef is a great way to control what ingredients are used. But, beware that you will need to plan ahead. The brisket, or whatever meat you choose, will need to sit in the brine for multiple days.

Irish Porter Cake
This Porter cake is an Irish classic and goes well with any meal of the day.

Chocolate Stout Cake
Rich, delicious and chocolaty, the stout is a fantastic flavor boost in this layer cake.

Stout Floats
At first thought, beer and ice cream might not sound like a great idea. But wait…give this one a try! The rich, creaminess of stout goes surprisingly well with vanilla ice cream and Kalúha. It lends bitter overtones that balance the flavors. A little chocolate syrup on top and it’s a recipe for heaven.

Hot Chocolate with Guinness, Whiskey, and Baileys
Begin your weekend with this warming spiked Hot Chocolate with Guinness, Whiskey, and Baileys. So, this recipe has a couple more steps, but they are well worth the effort.

Emerald Cocktail
A great way to escape the green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. This version of The Emerald is quite enjoyable. It’s smooth, mellow, and improves with the quality of the whiskey.

Irish Coffee
A warm glass of Irish Coffee…it is such a simple recipe, but so satisfying to drink. We recommend freshly-brewed coffee and some decent whiskey.

The Irish Minstrel
The Irish Minstrel is a simple riff on the well-known prohibition-era cocktail named the Last Word. Here we substitute Irish Whiskey for the gin. This creates a lighter and fruity variation with overtones of herbs.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day Menu Planning.


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